Calibro digitale elettronico da 6,1 pollici WEN 10761 con lettura LCD e custodia




Ricordi quando avevi la massima precisione nelle tue misurazioni? Ottieni la precisione di cui hai bisogno con il calibro digitale WEN. I calibri WEN sono progettati per essere sottoposti a quattro diversi metodi di misurazione, tra cui misurazioni interne, esterne, del gradino e della profondità. L'ampia lettura digitale LCD fornisce agli utenti letture accurate e facili da vedere in unità metriche, imperiali o frazionarie con una risoluzione di 0,0005 pollici, 0,01 millimetri o 1/128 pollici. Questo pacchetto include una batteria CR2032 da 3 V e una robusta custodia per il trasporto per riporre e trasportare in sicurezza la pinza. E, perché è un prodotto WEN. una rete nazionale di tecnici dell'assistenza qualificati e un'amichevole linea di assistenza clienti, tutto per assicurarti di ricordare WEN.

Include un ampio display LCD digitale, una robusta custodia per il trasporto e una batteria CR2032 da 3 V. Risoluzioni di 0,0005 pollici, 1/128 pollici o 0,01 millimetri forniscono la massima precisione. Prende misure fino a 6,1 pollici di dimensione. Passa tra unità frazionarie SAE (pollici), metriche (millimetri) e SAE.
Batteries Required? ‎No
Country of Origin ‎China
Customer Reviews 4.3 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,509 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars
Included Components ‎Caliper
Item model number ‎10761
Item Package Quantity ‎1
Item Weight ‎2.2 ounces
Manufacturer ‎WEN
Measurement System ‎Metric
Part Number ‎10761
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Product Dimensions ‎15.5 x 3 x 0.75 inches
Style ‎Caliper


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Scritto da: Mike Schinkel
Not the world's best caliper, but it works and for the price, who can complain?
Let's face it; this is a cheaply-made caliper. That said, it works, and unless absolute exacting measurements down to the faction of a millimeter are important to you, then this is a great little caliper to have in your workshop. And there is the added plus that if you break it or it is stolen, you are only out a few bucks. Compare that with how you'd feel if instead you had paid for a Mitutoyo!
Scritto da: AmaZoned
Very nice caliper for the price!
If you need a digital plastic caliper with decent accuracy, this one should serve you well. It offers a lot for the price. Pros: 1. The large display is easy to read. A backlight would be nice sometimes. 2. Fractional measurement included. 3. Good accuracy and repeatable. It agrees with my pricey stainless caliper. But no, you wouldn't want to use this one (or just about any other plastic caliper) in a machine shop or where measurement is super critical. 4. Movement is smooth but tight enough over the entire scale, at least when new. The body stays put. 5. Auto-off and auto-on. 6. Battery included. 7. Plastic storage case included. 8. Super low price. 9. Two year warranty, according to the included paper manual. Cons: 1. Although reasonably accurate, it has the annoying habit of being off by at least one trailing digit (e.g., .0005") when the jaws are closed, requiring frequent zeroing after closing. And if you press hard when it's already zeroed, it will change the reading by at least that same trailing digit. Apparently, there is enough play of the body/jaw and/or the jaws aren't perfectly straight/flat, which allows excessive movement. 2. No lock screw. This will become a bigger issue if/when the body starts to loosen on the slide/scale due to wear over time. If this doesn't happen for say 6-12 months of relatively frequent use, then that's not too bad, since the product is priced low enough to warrant relatively frequent replacement. If it doesn't happen within the 2-year warranty period, that would be amazing. Still, the screw should have been included. 3. No thumb wheel. This isn't a machine shop quality measuring device, but IMHO it still should have been included. I highly doubt the additional 50 cents or so (pure guess) per unit in cost due to adding the lock screw and thumb wheel would have turned off any customer. I would have gladly paid a couple DOLLARS more for these and another dollar more for a backlight. Perhaps the manufacturer will reconsider and add them in a future version.
Scritto da: Gregg C
Good to have around.
These calipers are fine they are plastic and don’t have a thumb screw but I found my other ones and I can have one in the house and one in the shop. Truth is I probably have about 5 pairs of them around just haven’t found them in all the unpacking from the move.
Scritto da: The Scottweiler
Best Affordable Digital Caliper
I have LOTS of digital calipers... and I mean LOTS... I have this kind of weird addiction to buying random things... and digital calipers are one of the things I've picked up... I use them as eating utensils in place of knives and forks... I've sharpened some to make throwing knives/caliper... I use them for Halloween costumes... you get the idea... BUT, THIS IS THE ONE I ACTUALLY USE AS A DIGITAL CALIPER!!!! If there is one thing I can offer to make the world a better place for future generations, it is my opinion on this Wen digital calipers! Buy one, or buy a handful (you know? Right? YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH DIGITAL CALIPERS!!!! they are just so.....) Get a pallet full. Send me some.
Scritto da: James Brooks
Even better than I thought it would be.
I am a structural designer for all types of store displays and just needed a cheap set a calipers quickly. The LED Display housing is regular plastic, but the actual calipers are carbon fiber composite. Feels light but very sturdy in the hand. The readout is bright & easy to read at a distance. Very much worth the price.
Scritto da: Johnny
WEN 10761 is the only "plastic" caliper that READS OUT TO FOUR DECIMAL PLACES.
All the other "carbon fiber" (plastic) calipers only read to TWO decimal places, which is really not enough for many projects. (FOUR is probably one too many because it makes some people screech about their twelve-dollar caliper not being "stable". Duh.) This WEN 10761 is perfect for things where you want pretty precise measurements to a fairly high level of resolution, BUT you're working on something you don't want to risk scratching with a metal caliper. if you're going to get ANY plastic caliper, get this one.
Scritto da: R. Walbridge
Feels amazingly cheap, but very accurate.
I have been on the market for a new digital caliper and this one looks nice, but I was very surprised by the very cheap feel when I unboxed it. All light weight plastic, it feels very easy to mar the jaws on the outside measuring contact areas and even more frail on the inner measuring contact areas. My current caliper is not plastic and has a nice weight and feel with an actual thumb wheel for fine adjusting. This one is all flimsy plastic, with a thumb pad instead of a thumb wheel. There is also no knob to lock the position of the caliper in place. I won't return this as the cost was low enough, however I will most likely spend a bit more and get a higher quality tool, as I don't expect this one will last very long in a shop environment. Having said that, it is very inexpensive with a large, easy to read display. It has MM, inch decimal and fraction and it was spot on accurate with my higher quality digital caliper. Could be great tool for the right use case.
Scritto da: John Prophet
make sure to power off!
I'm pretty happy with this and use it to set the action on my guitars. After my first few uses I closed it, zero'ed it out, and powered it off. The problem is when you move it as if you are starting to measure it even a very very small amount it powers back on. If you miss that it powered on then you will need batteries. Easy to catch, easy to miss, just something to be aware of.
Scritto da: Russ
The only plastic caliper that shows .01mm
Why would anyone want a plastic caliper? Because it's lightweight and won't scratch/dent/destroy the object that you're measuring. The stainless-steel digital calipers you find on Amazon and elsewhere have sharp points and edges. This makes them very handy if you're mugged while measuring something in a dark alley--the perp will never know what hit them. Odds are that they won't even know what a caliper is. I don't want a weapon, and I don't want to be extra-careful when I'm measuring something to avoid scratching it. I don't want to throw the caliper on my desk and leave a big gouge in the surface, or toss it on my couch and tear the fabric. I especially don't want to drop it on my foot, or on my face when I'm measuring something above my head. No, no, no. And no. Now, the problem with most of the plastic calipers you'll find on Amazon and elsewhere is that they only measure to .1mm. In most cases, that's fine. However, in some scenarios you need to be a little more exact. For example, when trying to determine the extrusion multiplier for a new batch of filament for your 3D printer. You know, everyday stuff like that. This brings us to the WEN 10761 Digital Caliper. It's plastic (sorry, "carbon fiber composite"). It measures to .01mm. And it's the only caliper I can find on Amazon that meets both of these criteria. Success? Mostly. Stainless-steel calipers often have a thumb-wheel that you can use for fine adjustment, and a screw to hold the position you've measured. Plastic calipers usually rely on friction, and that's a bit of a mixed bag. The WEN caliper has a lot of friction, which makes it difficult to move smoothly while ensuring that it holds position well. This is probably the right trade-off, but it's a disadvantage. Really, what the world needs is a caliper with a squeeze-to-move mechanism. Until then, I think this one wins the award for "best digital caliper that won't draw blood".
Scritto da: Robert J
What is the use of a measuring tool if it will not produce accurate and stable measurements. Right out of the box, the readout was not stable. Close the caliper, set zero. Open and re-close the jaws 5 times, you'll get 5 different readings, but none of them will be zero again. After a couple of readings the display began spontaneously counting up, and would not stop. I pulled the included battery out and checked the voltage... it was low, 2.9v, Chinese junk battery, so I replaced it with a new quality cell... the ever-climbing readout stopped but still no accuracy. Also, there is no adjustment wheel which makes getting precise contact measurements. I chose this unit because I trusted the Wen brand, and it does have a nice large readout screen... sadly it is going back.
Scritto da: John
What a piece of junk!
I bought this to replace the one I've had for 20 years that I bought at CT for 8 bucks, but couldn't read it anymore because of a crack in the glass after it fell off my bench. Since my old eyes are tiring, I thought I would buy this WEN because of the HUGE screen. I was excited to get it because my project had to be put on hold and I was anxious to get back at it. As soon as I opened it I fell in love with it because it looks so nice. Then I took it out of the case and could NOT believe how CHEAP this thing is made. I feels like a toy! Please don't waste your money on this Chinese piece of GARBAGE!
Scritto da: dee
Not perfect but has a special feature... Fractions
I was back and forth on this and finally decided to keep it. I had another steel model and another carbon fibre model i was comparing this to. I liked the weight of this, and that it didn't have a little wheel that was in the way of pushing with your thumb. It also seemed to be as accurate as the more expensive steel model. But as others have mentioned the smaller sized numbers after the decimal, suck. What in the end swayed me was a feature the others didn't have... Fractional display. Why is this cool? I can use it to measure drill bits and put them back in their organizer easily. Testing the size of those from tiny to 1/2" it had the sizes exactly right. I didn't like the battery compartment cover as much as the carbon fibre one. But it was much better than the screw held one on the steel. That this uses more common cr2032 battery i like too.
Scritto da: Cristina
Es un juguete, no es para cosas serias
Queria un segundo calibrador (el otro que tengo es de acero) para tener uno en el area de diseño y otro en el taller. Dice que es de compuesto de fibra de carbon, lo que interpreté como ligero pero fuerte. En realidad parece, se siente y se comporta como de plastico, no podria usarlo en el taller sin estarme preocupando cuando se va a romper, y no me da confianza usarlo para diseñar. Si lo quieres para prestar o regalar a alguien que quiere aprender a usar un calibrador, funciona y el precio es bueno. Si lo quieres para uso serio compra uno de acero, algunos solo valen 300 pesos mas.

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