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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier wtih HTS includes our GH high absorption sponge humidifier coupled with our digital Humidity Temperature Sensor. The HTS registers humidity levels from 20%-99% along with temperature, while the memory function records date/time of the highest and lowest temperature/humidity levels. FROM THE MANUFACTURER Keeping your guitar properly humidified is an essential step to guard against environmental damage and to keep your guitar playing its best. Planet Waves Humidifier & Temperature/Humidity Sensor make instrument humidification simple and worry free. Suspended by the strings inside the guitar body, the humidifier releases moisture slowly and evenly inside your guitar, yet never touches the guitar’s body and is easy to maintain. The Humidity & Temperature Sensor is a precision-designed hygrometer that digitally indicates accurate relative humidity levels ranging from low (under 20%) to 99%. Temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade, ranging from -32°F to 122°F (-35C to 50C). The HTS includes a programmable set point, as well as a memory feature that indicates date/time of the highest & lowest temperature/humidity levels the instrument has been exposed to. Get one for each of your instruments. It’s a wise investment to properly install and use a Planet Waves HTS and a humidifier in each of your instrument cases. Planet Waves, part of the D'Addario family of brands, is known for innovative, problem-solving, quality musical accessories. Planet Waves offers a complete line of award-winning accessories including cables, picks, tuners, capos, straps, humidifiers, maintenance tools and more.


FEATURED ON KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, SHARKTANK, ELLEN AND THE VIEW: Singtrix is the world’s only plug-and-play karaoke system that uses studio quality vocal effects designed to make "bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing!" Sing in-tune to your favorite hits with confidence. Just plug into the headphone output of your mobile device or computer and start singing. Singtrix will tune your voice to the music track and add studio quality effects such as 4-partharmony or choir, reverb, delay and so much more. SINGTRIX HIGHLIGHTS: The simple plug and play system is powered by patented state-of-the-art professional live vocal effects technology... No need to pay for music content since it was designed to work with the thousands of FREE YouTube Karaoke videos available on line... Works with your existing mp3 music, apps and more... Voice-cancellation option creates karaoke tracks on-the-fly from standard songs... The entire Singtrix system including Studio Effects Console, Mic and 2.1 Speaker are specifically tuned and designed to provide studio quality sound making singing experience exciting, fun and transformative... For all skill levels from beginner to pro... Works with instruments in place of karaoke tracks, tuning your voice to chords played on your guitar or keyboard... The natural tuning effects act like training wheels for your voice and can help improve your singing... Ultra-responsive and dynamic, facilitating proper singing technique...Reduces vocal fatigue and strain, making singing effortless for longer practice sessions. WHAT’S IN THE BUNDLE: Every Singtrix Stadium Bundle comes with: Upgraded Studio Controller with (350+) built-in effects and voices, (1) Singtrix Microphones with Hit Effect button (compatible with optional 2nd mic for duets), (1) 40-Watt 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer, (2) Stereo speaker outputs, (1) 3.5mm Audio Input for your music device, (1) Full-sized Mic Stand, (1) Mobile Device Holder stand attachment, (1) MP3Player, (1) Cable Package. ABOUT US - THIS ISN'T OUR FIRST SHOW For over 20 years, our team has focused on creating the most innovative musical experiences for anyone, anywhere. Our dream is to enable your dream: to feel like your favorite rock, pop, country, or rap superstar with Singtrix by your side. Singtrix is the ultimate party starter that will make memories for a lifetime.


Learning to play the keys just got a whole lot easier! Introducing the Melody 61 MKII The Alesis Melody 61 MKII keyboard combines 61 piano style keys, 300 built in sounds with layering and split modes, 300 built in rhythms for playing along to, 40 demo songs, an easy-to-assemble stand, a bench with adjustable height settings, headphones that automatically mute the speakers for private practice, a music rest for holding sheet music, a power adapter and even a microphone for singing along while you play. With an expansive in-demand sound pallet at your disposal – including pianos, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, mallets, guitars, synths, even sound effects – the days of working with limited, boring sound banks are long gone. You can layer multiple sounds together in “Dual” mode or split two sounds across the keyboard in “Split” mode. Includes 3-Months of Skoove Premium Skoove is the easiest way to learn piano—featuring in-depth online piano courses that adapt to you and give you feedback. Develop your repertoire on your own time, at your own pace with a curated catalogue filled with everything from current chart hits to classical music. Need a little help? Skoove’s experienced team of musicians is on hand with one-on-one support to answer any of your questions. New, exclusive lessons are added every month so that you can keep expanding your repertoire with new music as well as up your piano game with new music theory tips and tricks. Includes 2-Months of TakeLessons Live The Alesis Melody 61MKII includes TWO MONTHS of FREE live video lessons from TakeLessons, America’s largest lessons company. You’ll learn faster than ever with live classes with real, expert teachers! Raise your hand, ask questions, interact with other class members, and have fun! Take as many classes as you want - there are hundreds of classes each month to pick from.

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